Season 1,

Episode 1: Pippa Stacey

April 30, 2017


I’m so excited to announce that the inaugural episode of Spoonie Pyjama Party is now LIVE!

This week I’m joined by the wonderful blogger and founder of Spoonie Survival Kits, Pippa Stacey.

We’ve known each other on Twitter for yonks, but this was the first time that we actually ‘met’ in e-life. We had a fab chat about so many things, including her work with Spoonie Survival Kits, disability schemes that aren’t accessible for people with fluctuating conditions, the amazing treatment we get when we go to the theatre, and the new TFL “please offer me a seat” badges.

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An audio transcript will be released later this week. 


  1. Silvia Logan says:

    Natasha, I would not seeing one episode just to see what it is like. I am interested in hearing how young people cope with chronic illnesses.

    1. natasha says:

      Hi Silvia, you can find all the links and audio on this page. I hope you enjoy it!

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